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MacForensicsLab Examiner Certification training offers forensic professionals hands on computer forensic training to meet the needs of law enforcement and private sector settings. The training course is designed to be interactive, intuitive, and include case studies and exercises that reflect real world scenarios. The training lays the foundation for using and understanding MacForensicsLab, MacLockPick II, and Mac hardware and software. Examiners gain a broad understanding of the Mac OS and learn helpful tips for investigation on the Mac. Students learn from both course instruction and hands on practical work using MacForensicsLab to gain a better understanding of the computer forensic investigative workflow. They learn to conduct forensically sound acquisitions, searches, analysis and reporting using MacForensicsLab. Real world scenarios help the examiners understand how suspects use and store information and how to find and report suspect evidence. The training covers information such as a basic understanding of the Mac OS file structures, forensically sound imaging of suspect media, recovery of deleted files and documents, and analysis of the contents of suspect media.

Al Lewis, Director of Forensics Development and Services

Training is available at MacForensicsLab Inc.'s main office in Newark, CA or at your own facility. The training facility features the latest Mac hardware for students to learn on. Training is taught by industry professionals that have years of real-world experience in computer forensic investigation and law enforcement experience. Students that fulfill the course expectations and complete the final exam will receive the MacForensicsLab Examiner Certification. The certificate shows the examiner has completed the training and has an understanding of the Mac file system and forensic investigation on the Mac.

Upcoming training sessions are listed below. To schedule training at your own location, please contact MacForensicsLab Inc. directly for more information at sales@subrosasoft.com

The training offers government and private sectors a highly cost effective approach to upgrading the technical skills of their computer forensics examiners, management and support personnel. Training helps to insure that investigator credentials aren't called into question when they are called to testify in a court of law. The training curriculum is designed for experienced investigators familiar with general forensic concepts but can be tailored to meet the needs of novice and lesser experienced investigators if needed.

While the operation of MacForensicsLab and MacLockPick II are intuitive and straight-forward, no forensic tool can be used to it's full potential without proper training. Get investigating faster and more thoroughly with MacForensicsLab Examiner Certification training. Training insures the forensic examiner has the knowledge to use the full power of MacForensicsLab.

Computer forensics is the process of methodically examining computer media for evidence, including the collection, preservation, analysis, and presentation of computer-related evidence.

The computer forensics training program offers classroom instruction and hands-on training in several areas essential to digital evidence investigative methods Some of these areas include the following:

  • Applying computer and network security measures
  • Forensic workstation setup and installation
  • Forensically sound imaging of suspect media
  • Recovering lost, damaged, or deleted data
  • Collecting and analyzing computer-based evidence
  • Ensuring the integrity of the chain of evidence
  • Reporting and presenting the evidence found during the computer investigation

The need for computer forensics, criminology, data recovery, and data security represent the reality of the times. Crime is an undeniable factor in our everyday live. The MacForensicsLab training course focuses on the investigation and analysis of computer-related criminal activity.

SubRosaSoft offers MacForensicLab training and certification through it's authorized training partner Forward Discovery Inc.

Forward Discovery Inc., offers global information security training to include the training on Macintosh forensics and the use and certification of the MacForensicLab software.

For information on training venues and dates, please visit http://www.forwarddiscovery.com/training

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