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Welcome to your site - a site built for eDiscovery, law enforcement, and digital forensics professionals. Relax, take a seat, settle in for a bit.. there is a lot to see here. Notice the links above ? They are designed to help you quickly access the area that most interests you. On your right you will see more detailed links to some of the things you might find valuable. Below this text are some picture icons for you to navigate - if that is your preference.

Here at the MacForensicsLab website we strive to become your one stop shop for all the things you need for your tasks at hand. We have software, hardware, hints and tips, and more... and will continue to add more as time goes by.

If you want the server to keep you updated with developments then please take some time to create an account here. Your account will give you access to our newsletter (it's optional, if you prefer not to) and to our bulletin board. It will also let you get notifications of changes as they occur.

If you came here looking for the world's only cross platform forensics suite (Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux).. you came to the right place. The new era in digital forensics has arrived. Welcome !!

Warmest regards, the MacForensicsLab team.

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